Select characters and calculate the amount of each equipment fragment necessary to max them out.
Select an item and see which quests drop it, and which quests are most stamina-efficient for farming it.
Stat differences between equipment ranks. Useful for determining whether to rank a character up.
Plot of how much damage each attacking skill does, per skill level and per attack stat.
View character, enemy, and boss details, including stats and detailed skill descriptions.


An interactive reference on how many jewels can be acquired in the battle arena and princess arena.
An interactive guide to how some of the combat formulas work.
Calculate how many divine amulets you'll need to get a character starred up.


An overview of the bosses in each clan battle.
Equipment stats, level requirements, and fragment requirements.
Stats for each character at maximum level.
Enemies and expected drops for every normal and hard quest.
List of ideal range values for each character. Includes distance from Saren.