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  • holatuwol - Unit positioning simulation


0.52021-05-13Added ability to select data source, including JP data and old data
Unit viewer: Added skill mana cost, shard location, total exp
Added rarity and rank selection to max stat table
Added number of cards and next three birthdays to character profile page
Fixed bug with effective health in rank comparison (will now assume max level, which affects calculations)
0.42021-04-25Merged analysis and guides
Added ability to hide menu and added page indices
Guides: Divine amulet costs
Added unit filter on equipment demand tool
Added cast times and animation times
Added JP content history section
0.3.22021-04-06Guides: Quest data, cuteness
Added Saren distance to unit position guide
Deleted settings as a separate page
0.3.12021-03-16Notification quiz
Add 2x drops option to drops per stamina table
Analysis: Equipment demand
Guide: Equipment stats
0.32021-03-13Guides: Clan battle laps, unit positioning
Added summons to unit viewer, under "characters"
Worked on action descriptions
0.22021-03-04Added enemies to unit viewer
Guides: Character profiles, arena jewels
Analysis: Drops per stamina
0.12021-02-24Created unit viewer
Analysis: Rank comparison, max stats comparison, skill damage scaling
Guides: Formulas

Stupid stuff

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