Princess Connect! Re:Dive EN Calculators and Reference

Welcome! This website hosts PriConne analysis tools and references that are in English and focused on the global server. My goal is to give players access to accurate game data they might struggle to find otherwise, and enable deeper overanalysis of the game. The data for this website comes directly from the game's database. Future data will be added as it is released.

Featured PriCalc Tools

This table shows the stat difference between different ranks for each character. Useful when trying to decide whether to rank up!
With this tool, you can view character stats at specific levels, skill levels, rarity, rank, and bond. You can also view enemy unit and boss stats!

Other Useful Tools

Bug reports and ideas

If you notice an issue, have a good idea for an analysis tool, or just want to talk, your input is very welcome! You may message me on reddit: u/AnduCrandu or on Discord: Andu#4916. Bugs may also be reported on GitHub.